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05 April 2012 @ 12:55 am
1 Fic; Harry Potter  
Title: A Rough Night
Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: Remus hadnt meant to hurt her. Not like this.
Characters/ Pairings: Remus/Tonks
Genre: angst, romance
Rating: m
Word count: 863

The warm sun drifting through the window woke him up.
Remus sat up, inwardly groaning as his head throbbed. He couldn’t remember the night before, not entirely; flashes were coming back, breaking like waves inside his head, making his headache even worse.
He was never drinking again. Then again, he said that every Sunday morning…
A flash of movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. He turned, and his breath caught in his throat.
She was in his bed.
He peeked onto the floor on the other side of the bed, and didn’t have to look far for confirmation; her purple bra was caught on the corner of one of his books, the rest of their clothes thrown haphazardly around the room.
He swore under his breath, turning back to the girl in his bed.
Her back was to him; he could hear her breathing, deep and even. Her pink hair shone in the light, mussed in every direction.
It took him a moment of starring to realize what he was looking at, but when it hit him, his heart rate increased dramatically.
Her back. Her beautiful, pale skin… it was ravaged with red scratches, a few of which had even broken the skin and bled.
Leaning forward, he gently pulled her shoulder back, terrified of what else he might have done to her.
He hadn’t disappointed himself. Purple bruises littered her neck, and he could see bite marks on her collarbone.
Sighing, he let her go, watching as she snuggled deeper into the blankets.
He had known something like this would happen. It was why he had been refusing her advances. He wanted to be gentle, every time… but if he lost control for just a second… well, the result was lying in front of him. He had hurt her. Hell, he’d practically mauled her.
Maybe at least after this, she would understand. If he could do this to her… it would be so, so much worse if he got too close on a full moon. And if anything happened, he would never forgive himself, and the scars she would bear for the rest of her life would be a constant reminder of the pain he had caused.
He couldn’t do that. Doing that to her was the last thing he wanted to do.
He cursed again; too loud this time. Tonks mumbled incoherently, before rubbing the sleep from her eyes. He watched as she took in the unfamiliar room, saw the corners of her mouth turn up as she rolled and looked up at him.
He didn’t return the smile, and hers quickly faded. Sitting up, it only took her a few second to notice the scratches and bruises covering her pale body. Her mouth formed a small ‘o’.
He couldn’t even begin to say how sorry he was.
She frowned as she looked back to him.
“Don’t you dare apologize, Remus. I know you want to, but please… just don’t.”
“Do you see what I did to you?” he hung his head; ashamed, more ashamed than he’d been in a long while.”
“Oh Merlin, really?” he looked up in time to see her roll her eyes. “You do know other people do that too? Ordinary, normal people? Its called rough sex, and some people like that.” She blushed, a deep red. “And... well, I happen to be one of those people, okay? So don’t work yourself up, Ive had worse.”
She pushed the sheets back, stretching. “They’ll all be gone in a day or two, don’t worry. And you may have noticed, I'm an expert at disguising things like this.”
She was; he watched her skin ripple as the scars and bruised disappeared. And it was as if he had never hurt her at all.
“They’re still there.” He said bluntly.
She looked over her shoulder. “But you don’t have to look at them and feel all upset and noble and horrible about it.”
She crawled over to him, her warmth pressing against his skin. His stomach lurched; nerves or excitement, he couldn’t say as her lips brushed against his cheek.
“Last night was good. We should do it again?”
She was too close, her breath hot in his ear, her short hair soft against his face. He couldn’t refuse. So he just nodded.
A wicked grin spread across her face.
Another kiss, slower this time, and she stumbled out of bed, pulling her clothes from the strangest places before poking her head out of the door to make sure the coast was clear. She flashed her smile again before making a run for it.
Sighing, Remus let himself fall back into the pillows. He had to be insane to keep doing this. But he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop. He had set himself upon a path from which there could be no return.
He’d always known he would get there eventually; he had just hoped to put it off for as long as possible. He wouldn’t have been able to stop himself for much longer though; he loved her.
He had the oddest feeling that was going to be the death of him.
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